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  • Prices do not include sales tax.
  • We will pro-rate you if you come in after the 1st.
  • Most door sizes are standard 8ft by 7ft high.
$ 90.00/mo
$ 50.00/mo
$ 80.00/mo
Size Comparison
     The size of a small closet; holds 20-30 boxes, small furniture, seasonal items or office items.
     The size of a large walk-in closet; accomodates one bedroom or studio apartment and boxes. Perfect for patio furniture or sporting equipment.
     The size of a master bedroom; stores the furnishings of a 1-2 bedroom dwelling, such as appliances, living/dining room furniture, bedroom sets, kitchen, outdoor items and boxes.
     The size of a master bed and bath combined; this space will fit the typical 2 bedroom home including furniture, appliances, clothing, kitchen, dining room, children's room and boxes.

 Additional Items For Sale

Locks: $9.99

Mattress Covers

  • Twin: $3.99
  • Full: $4.09
  • Queen: $4.19
  • King: $4.59

Sofa Covers: $2.09

Dust Covers: $2.99

All prices are subject to change
and do not include sales tax.

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  Monday through Friday: 9am to 5pm
  Saturday: 9am to 12pm.

445 27th Avenue SW
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Phone: 772-770-4522

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